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9-5 The Musical

Director/Choreographer: Michael Jablonski
Costume Designer: Pamela Workman
Assistant Costume Designer: Me


For the Gainesville Theatre Alliance's production of 9-5, I was both the Assistant Designer and Wardrobe Crew Head. As a an assistant designer, I would say that my position was closer to being a co-designer; as I shared nearly equal responsibilities to my designer. I had a say in almost all of the costume choices made for the entire company with the exception of those the designer personally rendered. I was tasked with fully rendering one of Doralee's primary looks as well. In all, we shared and did much of the design work together. 

Character Breakdown Analysis

Scene by Scene Analysis

We had a cast of about 18 performing on a thrust stage, so catering the costumes to swift changes and easy mobility became priority number 1!


Final Design Boards

Doralee Act 2 Jumpsuit Rendering Process


This rendering was done in almost entirely watercolor with some detail work done with colored pencil, fine tip marker, and water-color pencils. This was Doralee's Act 2 jumpsuit when Mr. Hart is out of the office, and the audience begins to see a very positive shift (denoted by a clear color palette change in the costumes) in the atmosphere. I wanted to make that very clear with this office jumpsuit design while still maintaining a bright, fun 70s outfit that could be worn in the office (also maintaining that Dolly Parton charm, of course).

Built Design and Full Company Show Photos

BU48631_111121 9 to 5 AJR0144.JPG
BU48628_111121 9 to 5 AJR0141.JPG
BU48619_111121 9 to 5 AJR0132.JPG
BU48581_111121 9 to 5 AJR0094.JPG
BU48504_111121 9 to 5 AJR0017.JPG
BU48505_111121 9 to 5 AJR0018.JPG
BU48545_111121 9 to 5 AJR0058.JPG
BU48530_111121 9 to 5 AJR0043.JPG
BU48570_111121 9 to 5 AJR0083.JPG
BU48520_111121 9 to 5 AJR0033.JPG
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