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Photo by: Theresa Grimaldi Photography


Photo by: Marc Overcash Photography

My name Julia Serena Rodriguez, and I am a young costume designer and technician working with both films and theaters. I currently work as an Associate Costume Shop Manager and Designer for Raleigh Little Theatre.

My costume journey began as a self-taught technician of sorts, sewing and crafting my own garments, props, and armor pieces for various conventions that I would attend. 

I recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Costume Design and Technology in Film and Theatre. During the pursuit of said degree, I have been a first hand/stitcher for several mainstage productions, a children's theatre aimed series known as WonderQuest, and smaller stage productions. More recently, I have had the opportunity to assistant design a couple mainstage productions and serve as the primary designer (including HMU) on a couple mainstage productions (full details in resume). Additionally, I had the immense privilege of being chosen to be the costume shop supervisor for a mainstage show. Recently, I completed my first commission as a designer for a competitive gymnastics company who requested that I design their competition leo for the season.


In my classes and student work done for productions, I have gained a plethora of experience in patterning, millinery, tailoring, and general alterations for formal and informal garments. I can also say that I feel quite capable serving as a designer, technician, or shop super with a pleasant attitude, strong organizational skills, attention to detail, punctuality, and creative problem solving. I think the most important skill I have gained is being vulnerable about not knowing the answer but being ready to seek out the solution. 


After I graduate in the spring of 2022, I intend to spend some time getting my hands as dirty as possible in my career field before continuing on to grad-school to continue making connections, honing my craft, and gaining a larger variety of technician and design skills. 

On a less formal note, I like to think of myself as a very passionate and determined person who is willing to try my hand at most anything, no matter how frustrating the challenge. I share an equal love of science and art which is one of the reasons that I found a home as a costume designer/tech. There's chemistry in dye work, physics and engineering in technical costuming, and art in designing. I love-love music (the Beatles, the Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, etc...), reading, and most anything that people consider to be geeky/nerdy (Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, video games, anime, and etc...). My favorite designers are Vivienne Westwood and Paul Poiret, and I hope to leave an iconic mark on the world somehow as well. I have plenty of long term goals, but I don't mind starting at the bottom to get where I am going. It makes for an exciting road ahead. 

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A little fun collage of myself and friends during those moments when everyone has been in the costume shop for hours and days on end in the midst of projects, exams, tech weeks, and all the accompanying things that can send a person into giggle fits and memorable moments of sillies. I thought it would be a fun part of the website to include that as a break from all the business.

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