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Kele Lanting

Married Nov 12, 2022

Designed By: Me

Constructed By: Me


I began this commission almost exactly one year prior on December 10, 2021. I was still in school and did not graduate until the following spring, so the commission took me longer than normal. Kele is my sister, and it was such an honor to be given the privilege of being trusted to make such an important garment. It was a valuable experience.

The Bride, The Dress, and The Memories

Photography taken by
Kait McCafferty Photo and Film

From Design to Dress

How did we get from a pencil drawing of a dress to a fully realized garment? Well, below will be a series of photos with blurbs about various steps of the process. I won't go deeply into detail as I have for my theatrical or personal builds because each dress and client is unique, and I do not want to disclose every little piece of information out of respect for the brides privacy. There will still be plenty to tell a visual story of this gorgeous garment. With that being said, here we go!

Process Shots and Descriptions Coming Soon!

I'm maintaining this website by myself, so bear with me. I can only work on it for so many hours at a time in a day :')

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