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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

So, unfortunately, this show among many others that never even saw the beginnings of paperwork, was axed by the plague. However, this show had all of its paperwork completed, design-wise, and was the first rental package show that I gained experience with; so I wanted to include it in my digital portfolio to showcase my organizational skills when keeping track of and accounting for the transfer and use of costume rental package for a show.

Character Breakdown

So. Many. Ensemble characters. So. Many. Looks...

Scene Breakdown

Quick Change Bugaloo.

Piece List

So- the rental package came with paperwork and a "piece list" of sorts; after closer inspection and comparing it to the rental pack images and tracking paperwork that was also sent, it was highly unorganized and had a bunch of holes in terms of missing costume pieces. The piece list, as a result, took the longest to make because I had to comb through all the photos and paperwork to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. In my delusion, I started assigning random celebrities to various roles; it helped my moral.

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