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Murder on the Orient Express

Costume Designer: Erin Magner
Costume Director/Draper: Aimee Johnson

Costume Shop-Super/Draper: Me
First Hand/Stitcher: Me
BU47970_101421 Murder on the Orient Express AJR0087 (1).JPG
BU47990_101421 Murder on the Orient Express AJR0107 (1).JPG
BU47930_101421 Murder on the Orient Express AJR0047.JPG

Character that I draped, patterned, and constructed:

Princess Dragomiroff


Princess Dragomiroff

Fabric: A satin poly-blend lining with a mesh sequin overlay. 

Other duties fulfilled: 

 Facilitates the production of costumes for departmental theatre presentations by producing patterns from costume renderings, sketches, and verbal instructions; supervising others and/or performing patterning, construction, assembling, and fitting of costumes for departmental productions; making alterations generated from fittings and dress rehearsals; and assisting in necessary costume painting, dying, and distressing.​

BU47936_101421 Murder on the Orient Express AJR0053 (1).JPG

Progress Shots

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Draping/Drafting Process

Construction Process

Final Images

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