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BU44511_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0171.JPG

Songs For A New World

Director: Tracey Brent-Chessum
Costume Designer: Aimee Johnson
Assistant Costume Designer: Me


Anyone that has done this musical, Songs for a New World, know that it's somewhat unusual/untraditional. There's no dialogue whatsoever. It is only musical numbers; and as a result, the only character/location descriptions are what was originally given by the writer, Jason Robert Brown. However, these descriptions were fairly vague; and as a result, there was some creative liberty allowed to any design that approached this show. As a result, I do not have a character breakdown or scene-by-scene because all of that is immediately given to you or determined by the desires of the director. The direction that our director gave my designer and I relied more on our research and design boards than formal scene placements and "script descriptions" in a character breakdown.

Final Designs

Due to the nature of the show, as previously discussed, our costume boards evolved into final mood boards. Our research boards into our design boards didn't change much. The director really liked what we had; and it was was buy/pull show. Images from the research became the leads of our design when seeking out what to pull/buy. Though I had a say in everything that ended up on stage, my primary design was the "Surabaya Santa" soloist (the character in the red dress). Above, I included my HMU design; I also had a heavier hand in the direction of her research, as well.

BU44442_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0102.JPG
BU44445_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0105.JPG
BU44376_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0036.JPG
BU44462_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0122.JPG
BU44414_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0074.JPG
BU44398_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0058.JPG
BU44342_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0002.JPG
BU44472_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0132.JPG
BU44438_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0098.JPG
BU44359_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0019.JPG
BU44480_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0140.JPG
BU44496_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0156.JPG
BU44394_041521 Songs for A New World AJR0054.JPG
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