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Ship's Wheel

The Pirate Queen

An original children's play by Gay Hammond
Director: Gay Hammond
Costume Designer: Me


Character Breakdown Analysis


Grainne                     Titch

Murdoch                   Epee

Callum                        Nix

Roisin                          Mar

Gilly                              Unac

Scene By Scene Analysis


Final Design Boards

Full Color Renderings


Mediums Used:

  • Watercolor

  • acrylic paints

  • water color pencils

  • charcoal

  • Prisma Color Pencils

  • Soft Pastels

  • Fine Tip colored markers

  • Glitter

Construction Specs

This was something that I started doing with my most recent show. I found that it really made a difference in my costume shop supervisors life and all costume technicians within the shop to give an extremely detailed run-down of my designs with thoughts included, especially when there is heavy amounts of dye work, fabric manipulation, and unusual patterning/draping required. 

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